What happens behind the scenes.

Start to finish handling and creation of your custom merchandise.

Check out our video to see a glimpse of the magic that happens behind the scenes at SB HQ. But if you’re in a rush and want to know the punchline – just know we handle EVERYTHING from the start to the very end.

A super simplified breakdown of the process


We create or setup your pre-existing artwork to be burned into screens ready to print.


Your custom coloured inks are created and applied direct to your garment. This is when the magic starts.


Your garments are flashed dried and subsequently cured in our specialised oven at 160 degrees. No peeling. No cracking. The ink is now one with your shirt.


Your gear is then packed and made ready for pick up. Or, if you’re busy dancing with anticipation for your new gear – we can have your gear couriered to you for a small fee.
About Short Batch Printing Co.

Here at Short Batch, we are all about quality and building a long lasting relationship with our clients. We endeavor to provide the ultimate satisfaction of having the comfiest and delish merch available!

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