How we are helping out.

We are proud supporters of Owlkeyme.

Owlkeyme, a local not for profit who offer a wide range of services to youths and community builders.

Owlkeyme are our little brothers and sisters. They run a small operation called Project ink, printing high quality garments using heat transfer. Giving the youth that attend a sense of purpose but it also acts as a safety hub to chat and work towards goals. We love having them in at SB HQ to share our knowledge and experiences that have got us this far.

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We Care. A movement born to help the community during tough times.

When Covid first hit, our initial reaction was “What can we do a business to help the community”. With sanitiser and toilet paper not a possibility – we reverted to what we do best, which is shirts. These shirts were a beacon to others in community, that while we cannot come into contact – we are there to help. Each shirt came with a handful a community cards to give to your neighbours to link and share resources and services if needed.

Partnering with
Short Back Sidewalks.

Short back and sidewalks approached us in 2019, and after a brief conversation we knew this was a charity that we wanted to partner with. Everyone loves the feeling of a fresh hair cut and this feeling should not be restricted to only those who can afford it. Short back and sidewalks provide an opportunity for everyone to look their best but more importantly, they offer an ear to those who really need it.

Short Batch Community Not for Profit
Short Batch TedX Printing

Sponsor of TEDx Perth helping brighten minds.

Potentially one of our proudest moments was when we were asked if we would be an official sponsor of TEDx Perth 2019. Who doesn’t love TEDx?! It’s no surprise that we jumped at the opportunity to be part of such a well-known organisation that helps so many both nationally and internationally.

Always providing the goods for Wolslan.

Wolsan is arguably the reason why Short Batch exists today. Wolslan is an event that is held multiple times a year in which computer and games enthusiasts alike can connect, share content and play multiplayer games with one another while under the same roof. It was decided one year that custom shirts should be made available to which the guys thought, why not do that ourselves? And at that moment Short Batch was essentially born. It serves as no surprise that Short Batch have since supplied Wolslan with shirts every lan since and will continue to do so.

Short Batch Printing Shirt Starwars

Cure for Christan tees.

Christian is a young boy who has spent his entire life in and out of hospital with a cocktail of issues – with no diagnosis and no treatment plan that has ever seemed to help. As his health started to significantly decline, the search was on for treatments and advice on a world scale and thus began the Cure For Christian campaign. We printed hundreds of t-shirts and donated these to Christians family to sell and help raise as much money as possible to help fund the search for answers. As a community – we raised over $20,000.

About Short Batch Printing Co.

Here at Short Batch, we are all about quality and building a long lasting relationship with our clients. We endeavor to provide the ultimate satisfaction of having the comfiest and delish merch available!

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