Welcome to Short Batch Printing Co.

The go to for premium
merchandise and apparel.

Hand crafted
Every garment inspected by hand
Produced Local
Located in Rockingham, come say hi
quality assurance
Perfect print every time
printed locally
Bespoke Service
Custom Artwork
premium quality
created with passion

We help brands and companies stand out.

Your brand is everything. It says what words cannot – which is where we come in. The benefit of choosing local is you can arrange a meeting in person to discuss the best way forward in producing a line of merchandise that’s of the highest quality and is the truest representation of your company.

Top Quality Clothing

We’re AS Colour fan boys.
That’s no secret. However all of our suppliers that have been certified to produce great quality garments.

Custom Illustration

We love art – which is why we have a team of beast artists available to help with your next design. We’ve done custom illustrations for Blasta Brewing, Jack Stillman, Cheeky Monkey and loads more.

Face to face consultation

Make an appointment and come in and chat about your next project. We sling great coffee in the morning and pour better beer in the afternoon.

What's been cooking
Blasta Brewing Co

Four colour print on AS Black

Feral Brewing

Single colour print on AS Black

Colonial Brewing

Two colour print on AS Navy

Short Batch / Craft Beer Fest

Single colour print on AS Charcoal

ny Creative

Single colour print on AS Colour Bucket

Toast Face Grillah

Single colour print on AS Black / White

Why our clients love us

shirts printed on
tinnies sinked
happy customers
colours created
About Short Batch Printing Co.

Here at Short Batch, we are all about quality and building a long lasting relationship with our clients. We endeavor to provide the ultimate satisfaction of having the comfiest and delish merch available!

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